Historical Photos of the Bell System
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Historical Photos of the Bell System

submitted by Edward Kelly

Click on the thumbnail-sized images below to view the full-size images.

Block Cable

Cross-connecting terminal used to connect underground cable to aerial cable or aerial to house cable


Compare the photo above with this photo of a modern Verizon vehicle.

LTD 14-2


#14 Test Desk

Ice damaged lines
Line Crew and Line Truck
Earth boring machine

Line truck and equipment

Splicer tool cart

(also see this)

Red Bank NJ ice storm open wire

White line truck
rear view

White line truck with boom set

Device used to send inductive tone along pair cabling

Device used to send inductive tone along pair cabling

Device used to send inductive tone along pair cabling

Loading the barge

Cable Queen

Diver going down.

Laying cable at a river crossing

Fouled Anchor

Cable Laying

Cable-fault locating bureau(?)


Splice on submarine cable

Transmitter and Reciever

Front cable barge, cable ship, in background New York Central
RR steam tug

The Lineman and Supervisor on deck.
When I worked on submarine cable it came armored. It looks like they are wrapping it with steel wire.
I I think this is the transmitter for locating buried cable
Unloading submarine cable from reel to barge. 
The six photos to the right are from the September 1956 New Jersey Bell magazine.
Mack Line Truck 50's

Messenger Service Truck.  Click HERE for description

GMC supply truck. Supply Trucks pulled out of the Western
Electric Warehouse 

Dodge cable-line maintenance truck


Rodder or Rodding Truck

Cable spicing in manhole
(Read this)

Pulling underground cable

Pulling underground

Reel end

Placing Load Pot

The reel end

Another Duct Rodding Truck

Rodder or Rodding Truck

Splicer's Trailer?
(also see this)


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