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This non-commercial website was originally founded and created by David Massey to help keep the memories of the Bell System alive and to pay tribute to those that made it the greatest telecommunications system on earth.  This website also provides some technical and corporate historical information relating to Bell Labs, Western Electric, American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T), and the Regional Bell Operating Companies.  There is also some limited technical information on Western Electric telephones for telephone collectors, hobbyists, students, and others for non-commercial use.  We are not associated with any of the former Bell System companies (see disclaimer on the home page.)


David Massey started this site back in 1997 on a Geocities free web server account with less than a megabyte of files.  Before this site had its current domain name, it had been sponsored by various individuals on their domains.   In the summer of 2002 it became financially feasible to obtain a stand-alone domain name and web hosting service. The domain name "bellsystemmemorial.com" became its new home on the Internet and has grown to over 600 megabytes.


In September 2006, Bell System Memorial became a part of The Porticus Centre, a non-profit entity that is dedicated to the preservation and archiving of historical business documentation for select companies.  As of December 2022, Bell System Memorial became part of a new entity called 'AGB 1847, Inc.' which was created specifically to manage the archives of The Bell System Memorial.  We specialize in archiving, preserving, and restoring historical artifacts from the Bell System era:

  • Phone equipment

  • Teletype devices, specifically units manufactured in the 1980's pre Divestiture, and post divestiture AT&T

  • Bell employee news magazines for all operating companies within the Bell System

  • Flags, stationery items, signs

  • Annual reports from AT&T and operating companies within the Bell System

  • Photographs

The Bell Symbol and name are jointly registered trademarks of Cincinnati Bell Inc., Verizon Trademark Services LLC, AT&T Intellectual Property LLC, CenturyLink Communications, LLC, in the U.S.A., and are used here for historical archive references only.  This web site is not affiliated with, owned by, or otherwise associated with any of the Regional Bell Operating Companies, AT&T, Lucent, Bell Labs, Westrex (formerly Western Electric), or any other telecommunications company.  We do, on occasion collaborate with the various phone companies on research, and in other instances where our rich historical information is used for educational purposes.  The only other original phone company that still actively uses the Bell name publicly is Bell Canada, and is registered through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.


We do accept monetary donations and membership dues to this site to help support our historical preservation activities.  These funds are used to purchase printed documents, physical equipment and materials associated with the Bell System.















































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