Historical Photos of the Bell System
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Historical Photos of the Bell System

Photos from Chuck Warder & Larry Legge

    These photos were provided by a C&P Retiree now active in the West Virginia Historical Society. The photos were/are identified by a number with a prefix of 040126 followed by a suffix (suffix numbers shown below) along with a description. Click on the thumbnail images below to view larger size images. The late Mr. Jackson and Mr. Legg have cared for these photos and the history they tell.


    Madison, West Virginia
    Huntington, West Virginia
    Louisa, Kentucky

    One of the photos contributed below was used in a newspaper article (click HERE to read article).

Click on the thumbnail-sized images below to view the full-size images.


Louisa Line
Jim Vickers (far left)


C&P Telephone Linemen.
Yates Farm
Huntington Louisa Line


C&P Line Crew
Yates Farm
Huntington Louisa Line


C&P Line Crew
Yates Farm


C&P Telephone Linemen
Left to Right:
Clyde Smith [laborer]
Keyster Terry [laborer]
L.S. Albott [Lineman]
T. Ratcliff [Lineman]
M. Rowe [Laborer]
Clyde Spears [Team Driver]
Jim Vickers [Foreman]
W. Hutchison [Laborer]


C&P Telephone Line Crew
Huntington Louisa Line


C&P Telephone Crew
Madison-Logan Line
Left to Right
J.C. Vickers
H.J. Carpenter
Wade Rife
Camping near Stollings, WV


Jim Vickers sittin on belt (top)
Tillie Strothers, Foreman, on roof.
Uncle Bud" Cassidy at bottom of pole.
Frank Reed in hole.
Harry Lewis in alley.
Others unidentified
Guyandotte, WV


Huntington C&P Line Crew
Left to Right
Frank Reed, A. McDaniels,
C.W. Trailor, J.C. Vickers.
C.L. Rutherford in cab.


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