Historical Photos of the Bell System
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Southwestern Bell Telephone (SWBT) Photos

submitted by Roy D. Welch

Click on the thumbnail-sized images below to view the full-size images.

The 100 position lineup of 3CL switchboard at the Dallas Toll Office, 4100 Bryan St.,  in 1969 before being replaced by TSPS.  This view is from the low numbered position end.  The lineup designation was 4100 for the 4th floor, line 100.  This was the longest unbroken lineup in the world at that time.

The 4100 lineup taken from near the other end at position 91.  There were a total of 100 positions, unbroken in this lineup.  There were three additional lineups in this room but they were 80 positions or less with an isle break in the middle.

SWBT President, Edwin M. Clark, at the 1962 Telephone Pioneers Convention in Dallas.  The ladies were narrators for the SWBT Texas State Fair Exhibit borrowed as hostesses for the convention.  The Fair started soon after the convention.

AT&T President, Frederick R. Kappel, at the Pioneer Convention.

The Telstar exhibit at the SWBT Texas State Fair Exhibit, Dallas in 1962.

The Direct Dialing exhibit at the SWBT Texas State Fair Exhibit, 1962.

H. J. (Bud) Brandenburger (left) and Roy D. Welch (right) in the computer center for the Mechanized Voice Response Rate Quoting System installed in the Dallas Toll Office, 4100 Bryan St., Dallas, Sept. 1965.  Bud designed the telephone interface equipment and Roy wrote the computer program used in the pair of IBM 1441 computers.

Rate Quote System.

Rate Quote System.

Rate Quote System interface equipment.

North Texas Area Headquarters Traffic Department organization, 308 South Akard St., Dallas, May 1967.

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Texas Traffic Engineering organization, 308 South Akard St., Dallas, Nov. 1965.

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