Western Electric Products- Models Prior to the 500 Series
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 Western Electric Models Prior to the 500 Series


Sewing Machine - Automatic Answering Service
"Mirrophone" wire ribbon recorder/player
Telephones - PicturePhone - Bell Chime


We have sketchy documentation on the older phones that were produced by Western Electric prior to 1950.  This page will expand in the coming months but for now this is what I have.  Schematics and other technical information from the Bell System Practices (hereafter referred to as "BSP")are available here and some photos in the future.

There are also some schematics for these older phones on the ATCA (Antique Telephone Collectors Association) website at http://atcaonline.com/diagrams.html.


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The "Hybrid" Model - the Western Electric 5302

The model 5302 is a rare breed due to the limited numbers that were made.  It is a cross between the 302 and the newer 500 model that replaced the 302.  Western Electric apparently had a lot of parts on hand to make more 302 models when the 500 model was ready for production, so instead of scrapping the parts they made a modified housing that looked more like the 500 set than the 302 and used the 302 parts inside.  Both the F and G type handsets were used on the 5302.

Obtained is a copy of an internal New Jersey Bell plant letter dated April 11, 1958 with guidelines on when to use a 300 series set or the 5300 series set. Click HERE to read the letter.

Here are some photos of the 5302 that David Massey owns:

Corner view

Side View

Model Number on Bottom

Large Photos of the Inside:
Base (Chassis) - Top Cover with Dial and Switchook

Line Cord Connections

Here is the Bell System Practices section on the 302 and 5302:
Model 302 and 5302 - PDF file of section C38.551.

Western Electric 302 Telephone

Quoting from the original manual, "The No. 302 Type Telephone Sets are the new combined sets and represent the latest development of the Western Electric Company in telephone station equipment. The telephone set mounting consists of a housing and a base on which is mounted the induction coil, condenser, ringer and other apparatus so that the telephone set mounting and hand set form the complete telephone set."

302 Pictures

To view schematics, click on phone model below:

Here are some photos of the inside wiring of the model 302 which you can view by clicking on the following links:

302 Base Wiring

302 Induction Coil (Transformer) screw terminal identification

302 Line Cord Wiring

302 Dial Wiring

The following were contributed by
Mike Elmore

The following GIF and PDF files were created from hard-copy drawings contributed by ATCA member Bobby Koch:

Western Electric
Magneto Telephone

1907 Magneto Wall Set

The following were contributed by "Jake" R. L. Jacobsen

FALL 2005 - School for our two youngest children began the second week of August at a new school for them since we are moving to a new school district.  My wife and I took the kids to their first day of school at Ford Elementary and to my surprise I saw a Western Electric model 317 wood phone hanging on the wall near the school's office!  It was missing the receiver cord and the mouth piece.  I came back a few days later with my camera and took some photos.  Here is one photo:

This model phone is described on the ATCA website as follows: "Catalogs in 1909 show a new version of the No. 317. The external terminals were removed along with the need for a cathedral top. Along with eliminating the exposed electric terminals on the top of the phone, Western Electric eliminated the exposed wires on the receiver as well. The door hinges were moved from right to left.. The phone's dimensions remained the same."

I asked the principal of the school how they came across this phone and was told it was part of an estate sale of the Ford family that the school was named after and the PTA bought the phone at the estate sale.

Eric Korenman sent me these photos of a phone he sold on ebay.  It is the Western Electric A1 model:

Click on above thumbnail images to view full-size

Hawkins Electrical Guide Image These are scans from "Hawkins Electrical Guide" published in 1917!

I have the complete set (10 volumes) from my grandfather. These books cover almost every imaginable topic on electricity including electrotheraputics, motors, elevators and other "modern" devices of that era eighty years ago!


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