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AGB 1847, Inc. (“AGB 1847”) is NOT a commercial web site; it is an extension of the collection of Bell System Memorial, archives historical information. If you desire to use anything on this web site for commercial or for-profit purposes, you must contact the lawful owner of the original material for their permission. You may use any of the original material so long as proper credit is given and we would appreciate hearing from you as to how and where the material is/was used. Permission is hereby granted for the use of the archives for classroom use, hobby use, historical collections, and other non-profit purposes so long as its use does not infringe on copyrights of others for such use.


The Bell System Memorial...A Clear Choice for Telecommunications Research and Archival Information

The Bell System Memorial has been around since 1997, and was originally founded by David Massey. This is a unique site that specializes in digitizing of historical documents, as well as restoration of legacy telecommunications hardware. Our site generates considerable data traffic on its servers, and has been a trusted supplier of historical business information since 1997. Our site enables businesses, researchers, government organizations, and others to glean our rich and diverse archives that our team has taken years to scan, and document with accuracy. Virtually no company or organization has a central portal for all aspects of various documents like we have, and for past employees and family members to share their stories and materials. The Bell System Memorial has received numerous donated photos, reports, and other rare documents that would have otherwise been thrown away. Our team carefully preserves these items, and we scan and digitize these images, and chronologically archive them on our site. This makes The Bell System Memorial a one-of-a-kind site where the general public not only shares in our information, but they help to contribute to it as well.

Use of Prints and Photographs Agreement Form
For individuals, educational institutions, publishing firms or government requesting use of any of our extensive audio, video, or print images, filling out this form is required before the use of such material is permitted for reproduction. Many have honored the use of this form so as to ensure proper credit is given, and we never have asked for any monetary benefit for the use of our vast documents.  We simply ask that you fill out this form, and submit it back to us, and whatever is published, that you give credit where you received such images and or other media from our website.


89-161- Use of Prints and Photographs Agreement Form

Bell System Memorial (

This web site is for informational purposes only and is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or connected to any telephone company, Regional Bell Operating Companies, AT&T, Lucent Technologies (formerly Western Electric), BCE Inc., Bell Laboratories, Westrex (Western Electric) or affiliated with any site links shown. The use of product or company names on this web site is not an endorsement of that product or company. Bell System logos are still in use by, and trademark property of the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) in the USA. All other logos are the property of their respective corporate owners. When known, any references, documents, and other material that is not original work will show proper credit of ownership by their respective corporation, authors, individuals, and/or publishers. The documents on this server are here to aid in the research of and education in telephone history, specifically the part in telephone history about the Bell System.


How We Are Funded

AGB 1847 receives funding through our Bell System, Inc. ("Bell System") parent company.  Bell System installs SYSTIMAX® structured cabling for voice, video, and data, in addition to computer related services, involving UNIX®, and Linux systems.

  • Maintenance of the web site

  • Purchase of historical hardware, like Teletype units, 1A2 Key PBX systems, UNIX PC 7300 hardware, paper documents, and other related materials that are of historical importance

  • Repair of hardware systems, and procuring parts to ensure that hardware is in functioning manner for historical archives

Quick facts about The Bell System Memorial

  • Web site:

  • Bell System Memorial nominated by USA Today in 2003 as one of their “Hot Sites”

  • Bell System Memorial was founded in 1997. Became part of The Porticus Center in 2006.

  • Bell System Memorial is listed on certain company sites within Wikipedia, such as Verizon, AT&T, Avaya, Bell Canada,

  • Some phone companies use The Bell System Memorial for research.

  • Purchase of historical hardware, like Teletype units, 1A2 Key PBX systems, UNIX PC 7300 hardware, paper documents, and other related materials that are of historical importance

  • Repair of hardware systems, and procuring parts to ensure that hardware is in functioning manner for historical archives

Those we Serve

  • Phone Companies

  • Universities and Higher Education

  • Public Schools

  • Technology Research Laboratories

  • Film Studios

  • Book Publishers

  • Equipment Manufactures

  • Private Consumers

  • Global Government Agencies

What Does the Acronym of "AGB 1847" Stand For

AGB 1847 is the acronym for "Alexander Graham Bell, and 1847 is the year of this noble inventors year of birth.





















































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