Historical Photos of the Bell System
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Historical Photos of the Bell System

submitted by Perce Cox

Legend for Pictures is as follows

  • LL Test Board 1915 - Long Lines Test Board, Morrell Park, Illinois        Picture # S 20760
  • Boston Tremont 1883 - The first Tremont office at 485 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. Picture # H 29301-1
  • Central Information 1920 - Central information bureau, St. Louis Missouri Picture # S 16691
  • Pratt KS 1900 - Maze of wires in Pratt, Kansas Picture # S 1030
  • Placing Poles 1880 - Placing poles in Troy, New York     Picture # S 20914
  • Mobile RT 1924 - Mobile Radio Telephone Picture # S 19299
  • House Installer 1917 - Outside House Installation Picture # S 20666
  • 3 Horse Truck 1913 - A Western Electricís three horse truck at Pittsburgh, PA with a load of distributing wire Picture # S 20636
  • Operators 1917 - Traffic Operators in Orangeburg, South Carolina  Picture # S 20793
  • Final Pole 1900 - the final pole of the first transcontinental telephone line is put into service at Wendover, Utah   Picture # M 810

Perce stated, "Pictures were obtained free from a display at AT&T Long lines in New York in the late 1950's. There were stacks of each picture and we were told to help ourselves to any we wanted."

On the back of the pictures the following is stamped:

Superior Fototech Inc. for re-orders
AT&T Photo File No.    (then the picture # listed above for each picture)



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Click on the thumbnail-sized images below to view the full-size images.

LL Test Board 1915

Boston Tremont 1883

Central Information 1920

Pratt KS 1900

Placing Poles 1880

Mobile RT 1924

House Installer 1917

3 Horse Truck 1913

Operators 1917
and last, but not least . . .
Final Pole 1900


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