AT&T Long Lines- The Bell System Unit For Nationwide and Worldwide Communications (Preface)
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AT&T Long Lines

"Long Lines"
The Bell System Unit For Nationwide
and Worldwide Communications

Published in 1969

Book contributed by Roy Juch


This book tells about the Bell System's service responsibilities and how it fulfills them.

The emphasis here is on Long Lines. But the rest of the Bell System is described in some detail so the reader can get an idea of how the different parts fit together to furnish nationwide and worldwide communication service.

The book is intended primarily to help new employees acquire a fuller understanding of the organization they have joined. It is also meant as a reference for those who want to refresh their memory on various aspects of the telephone business.

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Long Lines Role, History, Services

Long Lines and Other Bell Units
The Early Days
Conquering Distance
Many Kinds of Services
Facilities for Service
Working Arrangements with the Partners
Dividing the Revenues


Long Lines Department Board
The Executive Staff
Operations Organization

Running the Business

Personnel Matters
Marketing Long Distance Services
Engineering the Plant
The Maintenance Job
Planning and Managing the Network
Overseas Service
Communications for Government
Regulatory Matters
The Legal Department
The Treasury Department
Public Relations

Other Units of the Bell System

AT&T, the Parent
The Associated Companies
The Role of Western Electric
Research at Bell Laboratories

Looking Ahead

The Changing World of Communications

Glossary of Telephone Terms; Bibliography-selected list of publications, books and pamphlets for further reading

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