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Students & Teachers

We Have tried to make your visit to my website a little easier in finding what you are looking for than relying on just a search engine or an index of the entire website.  Below are the web pages on my website that we feel would be most valuable to the students and teachers visiting this website - especially for the first time.  Each page below will have an index menu on the left edge of the page so you can branch out to any other page on this website or you can click your "BACK" button on your browser to return to this page.


Please note that this site has somewhat limited information on Alexander Graham Bell's life, so if you are looking for his life story in more detail you may want to do a Google search for other sites that specialize on his life.  He was a fascinating person and his teaching of the deaf was more important to him than his invention of the telephone.


Here are some recommended starting point web pages and documents on my website for you to check out first:

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