Western Electric Products- The 1993 AT&T Telephone Story Poster
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 The 1993 AT&T
Telephone Story Poster


The Western Electric Telephone Story Poster-The AT&T Telephone Story Poster
The Bell System Telephone Story Poster - The AT&T Telephone Story (1990/1993)


Courtesy of Coen Meeder

This poster was obtained from AT&T, courtesy of Coen Meeder. It is no longer available from AT&T. There are apparently two versions of this poster - one was printed in 1990, which is not the one shown here, and the second version was printed in 1993 which is shown here (although it says "copyright 1990" but has two new phones that were produced after 1990).

In order to be able to read the descriptions that appear near each of the photo images in this poster, I scanned the poster in six sections (that's all that would fit on the scanner at one time!) at 600 dots per inch. I then "spliced" the six cropped sectional scans together and created a HUGE file.

You can view a close-up of each phone shown in the poster below by simply moving your mouse over the one you want to view and click! Connecting lines in the poster were edited out of the close-up images to improve appearance of individual telephone pictures.

The AT&T Telephone Story (199x)


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