Western Electric Products
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Western Electric Products
(other than telephones)

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Western Electric, best known by the American public for its rugged, high quality telephones, did not start out in the business of making telephones.  In the early days, they made fans, sewing machines, audio equipment (they made the first loudspeakers!), vacuum tubes, sound for the first "talking" movies, and more.

"Quality" wasn't just a buzz-word with Western Electric.  They practiced what they preached. In fact, they wrote the standards for quality that are still used by today's companies.


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The Western Electric Store


There is a remnant of Western Electric today that still produces very high quality vacuum tubes.  To visit their website, click HERE.

Click on the links below for information on and/or photos of these Western Electric items:

A visitor to the website contributed the following information and photos concerning the early days of Western Electric when "Manufacturing Company" was used as part of the name:

David -

Earlier this summer I contacted you regarding an early Western Electric logo "WE Co" that was on a small bell box. . According to historian John Casale the company originally called itself "Western Electric Manufacturing Co." (see forwarded message below) Thus, the logo on your web page is likely the third logo used by the company.

I just finished photographing these items which show the earlier logo. All are likely from late 1870's to early 1880's. The box relay set had another logo on the pivot support of the relay but I decided not to disassemble the relay to reveal it since it's identical to those on the two sounders.


Christie Edinger, KIU

Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5 - Photo 6 - Photo 7

From: "John Casale"



I cannot tell you when they stopped using this logo without doing some

digging. But it appears they started using it in the mid 1880's soon

after they dropped "Mfg." from their name............John



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