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Bell System Advertisements
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How many can you remember?
How Many of 'em
Can You

Science keeps down costs (Cable Improvements)

Science keeps down costs.

This is from the Sept. 1922 National Geographic.

Not as simple as it looks

50yearsofprogress.jpg (392841 bytes)

Fifty Years of Progress

It's little, it's lovely, it lights
It's Little . . .
It's Lovely . . .
It Lights!

500tons.gif (38440 bytes)

It takes 500 tons of equipment for just one telephone exchange

what_happened_to_the_dial_125.jpg (6186 bytes)
What Happened
to the Dial?
Dial Closeup

Transistorized Telephone
Your Phone of the Future from Western Electric

Trimline_ad_1967_125.jpg (5562 bytes)
The Trimline

Twenty Million Miles of Telephone Wire

An Accent of Stewardship

Winning Nature's Secrets

we_combatcomm_125.jpg (9928 bytes)

Communications -
directing arm of combat

Multiplexing the Telephone

Your Handy Phones Away From Home


New for you - a more useful telephone number!


Tomorrow's Telephone Service
- A Forecast

His genius gave wings to words

To each her own princess

To each her
own Princess!

WE rural telephones

Western Electric
Rural Telephones


No. 5 and No. 6 Phone Booth Ad

Telephone Booths

The Telephone Doors of the Nation

The Telephone Doors of the Nation

The Bell System's new Electronic Switching System

90 years of telephone progress toward better, faster service!

Years of Progress

(Scan courtesy of
Albert LaFrance)

(Scan courtesy of
Albert LaFrance)

1969 ad
"Twenty Years Under
the Sea" - Page 1

1969 ad
"Twenty Years Under
the Sea" - Page 2

1969 ad
"Twenty Years Under
the Sea" - Page 3

(Scan courtesy of
Albert LaFrance)

(Scan courtesy of
Albert LaFrance)

"Birthplace of the Transistor"
1953 Bell Labs Advertisement
(Scan courtesy of
Mark Bearden)



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